Growing up, oatmeal was probably one of the comfort food many of us ate for breakfast or for that quick in-between-meal snack when we were hungry. However, other than being just a tummy-filler, there is actually much more to this wholesome whole grain then meets the eye.

In recent times, many researchers and health-conscious followers have urge people to get on the bandwagon to include oats as part of their daily diets due to its high nourishing values and health benefits such as containing vitamins and minerals with cancer-fighting properties and heart protection abilities.

Now, oats is often touted as a ‘Superfood’ and other than instant oats which is probably the most common and readily available at supermarket, do you know that you can also consume oats in its other forms.

What are oats?

In short, oats are part of the cereal plant family. Upon harvested, the oat groats are processed in various ways to create the different types of oats you can find in the supermarket today.

Whole oat groats

Whole oat groats is the least processed form of this whole grain with only the inedible outer husk removed and it is thought to retain the most nutritional values. At the same time, oat groats also require the longest time to prepare and cook before consumption as compared to its other forms. Despite the seemingly daunting cooking time, here are some ideas on how to whip up some delicious oat groats.

Raw oat groat cereal

A sweet treat for the sweet tooth. Recipe at

Perfect parfait porridge

Perfect for those looking to sleep in a bit longer yet beat the morning rush hour. Recipe at

Rolled oats (Old-fashioned oats)

Old fashioned rolled oats are made by steaming the oat groats before rolling them into flat flakes. During the process, the oats are softened to reduced the cooking time while the shelf life is lengthened to maintain its freshness over a considerably longer period. Bring out the ‘Martha Steward’ or ‘Nigella Lawson’ in you with the following baking recipes.

Baked oatmeal

All day baking-licious indulgence. Recipe at

Banana and rolled oat muffins

Little wonders for the tea time specials. Recipe at

Chocolate oatmeal cake

The chocolate lover’s delectable delight. Recipe at

Rolled oats (Quick Cook and Instant oats)

Steaming and rolling the traditional rolled oats longer will result in quick or instant oats. The texture here is refined to a smooth and softer taste and cooking time is the quickest among all the different types of oats. Quick or instant rolled oats are basically convenience at its best. Make use of this convenience to bring out the best in your food and get your taste buds raging with these Asian delicacies.

Butter oat prawns

Savoury seafood feast for both your eyes and tummies. Recipe at

Quick oat dosa

A charming dose of Indian flavour to satisfy your palette. Recipe at

Chicken and oat soup

Chicken soup for the healthy soul. Recipe at

Oats for rice

Modern day cooking now inculcates the need for a healthy meal made to tantalise your taste buds at the shortest time possible to meet with the ever growing demands of the typical adult’s working and family life. By mixing up your oats with your rice, this 2-in-1 arrangement serves to satisfy every Asian’s need for the staple food, rice and still allows you to enjoy the goodness of oats.

Rice Pilaf

A healthier choice to a healthier you. Recipe at

Chicken Biryani Fried Rice

Everybody loves a good plate of hearty biryani fried rice right? Recipe at

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