As we juggle multiple roles in our lives, it’s easy to reach out for unhealthy foods out of convenience thanks to the sheer lack of time.

What if we could enjoy nutritious superfoods in our daily meals that are quick and easy to put together?

Oats pack a punch and are tummy-friendly superfoods that support a healthy heart to keep us going.

According to the Medical News Today, these wholesome grains are brimming with proteins, beta glucan and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, selenium to help enhance our immunity, stabilise blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels and our risk for coronary diseases.

For the diet-conscious folks, you would be happy to know that oats are loaded with fibre, which keeps you fuller for longer. Fibre helps make those bowel movements smoother too, and keeps our digestive system happy at the same time.

Best of all, oats are quick to cook and can be easily incorporated into different dishes every day.

Here are 12 quick and easy recipes to enjoy healthy meals with oats any time of the day!


Start the day right with a smart meal to take you through the demands of your day ahead.

Move over, overnight oats, you’re staying in the cold room for now. We’ve some quick and easy breakfast recipes with oats that our tummies will be happy to wake up to.

Try this: Have your slow cooker do the work for you – let it cook overnight, so you can wake up to a piping hot bowl of goodness. Add fruits for a dose of vitamins and antioxidants to fight free radicals, and this Orange Cranberry Slow Cooker Oatmeal takes just 10 minutes to prepare!

oats recipe1


If you need extra power up: Amp up your iron levels and Omega-3, 6 and DHA to fuel your body for a busy day ahead. Toss some avocado and kale in your breakfast with this Avocado and Kale Oatmeal, which aims to support brain functions and healthy energy levels. Just what we need to be our best every day.

Kids would love this: Loaded with berries and walnuts, this Baked Oatmeal is bound to win the hearts of kids and the family alike. If you’re feeding younger bubs, go easy on or skip the sugar if you prefer an au naturel meal. 


Rushing back-to-back meetings? Or chasing active toddlers all day? No reason to compromise on your lunch, and we show you how quick and easy lunches can be delectable with oats!

oats recipe2


Try this: Craving for some spice to beat the sluggish day? This 20-minute Oats Cutlet is full of flavour, you’d probably forgot that you’ve sneaked in those heart-loving oats too. Enjoy on its own or with a crisp salad to go along!

If you need extra power up: Supercharge your day with a healthy sandwich handcrafted with freshly baked Quinoa Oat Bread ! With added superfoods such as quinoa and chia seeds, bite into a deliciously healthy mid-day power up meal and stack it with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, meat or fish for a wholesome lunch.

Kids would love this: Serve up a bowl of Creamy Oat Risotto with Broccoli and a generous topping of melted cheese and broccoli to support healthy bone development, boost immune health and promote good eye health. The kids would probably love the cheesy goodness, although they have no idea mama’s got their nutritional needs down pat!


Hit by the mid-day slug?

Put together quick and easy snacks with oats to offer an energy booster instantly!

Try this: The blender/food processor makes preparation and cleaning up such a breeze. Slurp up a delicious Cherry and Banana Oat Smoothie that’s bound to fill you with healthy natural enzymes to keep your gastrointestinal health in good shape while curbing hunger pangs.

If you need extra power up: Need a caffeine fix but craving for a little more? Pair these two on a day that seems to crawl by – Coffee Oatmeal to the rescue! It’s quick and easy, your colleagues are bound to love this oat recipe too! Tip: Use Instant Oats if you’re in the office with no access to a stove.

oats recipe3


Kids would love this: Hands up if your kids love pizzas! Here’s an unexpected, healthier alternative to their regular dough – meet the Fruit Pizza with Oatmeal Flax Crust. It’s crispy and yummy with a dose of fibre and vitamins for happy bellies. What’s not to love?


Oats for dinner – why not?

Spin up quick and easy dinner meals with oats as they add extra bite, while taking care of the family’s health.

Try this: Pressed for time? You’ll love this time-saving One-pot Savoury Oats dish for dinner. It’s quick and easy to cook, and will be wolfed down because it’s such a treat for your palates. High in proteins, this dish promotes tissue repair while accelerating cell regeneration at the end of a long day when you rest at night.

oats recipe4


If you need extra power up: Any salted egg yolk fans? Skip the cereal and use oats to create these Salted Egg Yolk with Rolled Oats Prawns as they add extra crisp and chewiness to this dish, without the need for deep frying. More brownie points for going easy on our heart and a less oily mess in the kitchen.

Kids would love this: Skip those frozen fish fingers and bake your own Pistachio and Oat Crusted Tilapia for dinner tonight! Pistachios are heart-loving and digestion-friendly too, just like good old oats. Mum-approved!

Start taking charge of your life and eat your way to better health with these quick and easy recipes with oats. Bon appétit!


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