Did you know that oats are superfoods that pack a punch?

Don’t belittle these little flakes as they offer more than just fibre to keep our digestive systems happy, or help keep us fuller for longer.

Research has shown that eating oats is linked to an average of 7% decrease in LDL cholesterol – yes, the bad ones. That’s good news as these heart-loving oats help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in our bodies.

While oats may seem plain and boring, they are really versatile and make convenient meals too. Quaker understands families would rather spend quality time with their kids and spouses than to sweat it out over the stove to whip up a healthy meal. Enjoy a healthy oat-some meal without fuss – this scores with busy families for sure!

Let’s find out why oats are a must-have item in these family kitchens and pick up a new recipe of two!



Oats for dinner – why not? Baked Oat Rice with Chicken Chunks using Quaker Oats for Rice. Credit: Soon Koon

“It’s easy to prepare. Just put hot water in the oats and serve with honey. It’s good for those who are conscious about their health and want to eat healthier meals. I’ll also mix a bowl of cereal with some oats for added crunch or cook Quaker Oats for Rice for a wholesome one-dish meal.”
Soon Koon, dad of one, www.lemon-film.com

“Oats are healthy, yummy and filling for the tummy! Most importantly, it helps reduce the risk of heart diseases!”
Kristin, married


Easy and healthy Overnight Oats using Quaker Oats. Credit: Pooja Kawatra

“Oats is nutritious and you can eat it at any time of the day, and in any form – hot or cold, cooked or uncooked! No cooking was needed when we made Overnight Oats using Quaker Oats – hurray!”
Pooja, mum of two, blogs at www.themumsandbabies.com

Pregnant mums can enjoy a healthy dose of fibre to keep their digestive systems happy too! A quick and yummy overnight oats make a nifty breakfast or snack for that daily boost! Credit: Agnes

Pregnant mums can enjoy a healthy dose of fibre to keep their digestive systems happy too! A quick and yummy overnight oats make a nifty breakfast or snack for that daily boost! Credit: Agnes

“Oats are really easy to make, be it hot (just add hot water and fruits) or cold (just add milk and fruits and chilled overnight) for breakfast! Makes a healthy lunch too if you are planning to eat cleaner.”
Agnes, mum of one, currently 8 months pregnant

“Oats is one of the healthiest food! Rich in antioxidants and easy to prepare!”
Valentina, mum of two


Extra healthy dinner tonight! Pumpkin and Mushroom Rice with Quaker Oats for Rice. Credit: Lirong

“With the addition of Quaker’s Oats for Rice, it gave the pumpkin rice more bites. I was so happy to see my family being able to accept this change! The guys even when for second servings.”
Lirong, blogs at www.lirongs.com

“Indeed oats are easy to make. For my kids, they eat oats with fruits (kiwi, blueberries etc) for their breakfast! It’s easy to digest too. For myself, I prepare Overnight Oats with fruits and Quaker Cereal too and eat them chilled the next day. Most importantly, it’s a great meal for those on diet, like me!”
Xiuli, mum of two, mumpreneur at Mess with Cakes

Quaker oats

Save time on cooking! Healthy meals need not take up too much time in the kitchen with Quaker Quick Cook Oatmeal. Credit: Justine

“We go through heaps of granola at home, so it’s an oats galore! Quaker Instant Oats adds some texture to the granola and the kids love it! Helps that it keeps them full for loooong!”
Justine, mum of three, blogs at www.tings.com

“I LOVE OATS! Healthy and yummy and easy to prepare!”
Julia, mum of two, mumpreneur of Milk und Mayhem

Quaker oats rice cooker recipe

Rice cooker recipes are a hit with busy parents! Put rice, Quaker Rolled Oats and Quaker Quick Cook Oatmeal in the rice cooker and let it work its magic. Healthier rice for the family! Credit: Shirley

“Oats are naturally low in fats, has natural source of magnesium, sodium and zinc, and contains the necessary dietary fibre to aid with digestion. I found a time/energy-saving way to prepare oats… using the RICE COOKER.. which resulted in a serving of rich and fluffy oatmeal.  There’s no need to watch over the fire anymore, even if it’s 10 minutes!  YAY!”
Shirley, mum of two, blogs at www.sayshappymums.wordpress.com


Quaker Oats goes beyond breakfast, and adds a twist of flavour and crunch in baked dishes too! Credit: Cindy

“My husband and toddler eat Quaker Oats several times a week for breakfast, and they enjoy it with honey, cereal, avocado or fruit like blueberries. It’s a healthy start to the day! Because oats are so versatile, we use them in baked dishes for dinner too. Added fibre and crunch means yummy healthier meals for the family!”
Cindy, mum of two, blogs at www.thehootingpost.wordpress.com


These families are eating their way to better health with oats in their diets. Investing in our health is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones. With 100% whole grains oatmeal, breakfast cereals, oat biscuits, cereal drinks, oat bars, multigrain porridge, and more, families get to enjoy Quaker any time of the day. Are you taking charge of your health yet?