It’s inevitable that during your child’s growth, you would need to feed your child with formula milk powder.

While breast-feeding is highly encouraged, formula milk these days are rather close substitutes for breast milk.

At the recent launch of locally made and locally owned formula milk brand Einmilk, we were introduced to a new range of milk products suitable for kids of all ages. The specially formulated milk powder is made here using 100% fresh milk from New Zealand.  There’s even one that caters to those who are lactose-intolerant.


Besides being reasonably priced at under S$40 even for infant formula milk, here’s why you should seriously consider Einmilk.

When moms can’t breast-feed 

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months but what happens if mothers can’t breast-feed?

This is an acute problem that many mothers face, where certain medications that they consume may affect the quality of the breast milk. It could result in detrimental side effects on the baby if he or she consumes the breast milk.

Not wanting that to happen, formula milk becomes the next best alternative. During the first six months, the baby’s diet consists solely of milk so mothers should still breastfeed if they are able to.


Beyond the first six months, milk then becomes complementary to the solid food consumed by the child. As advised by healthcare professionals, Einmilk also advocates this philosophy where milk should not take centrestage after the initial six months.


Essential nutrients key to your child’s development

WHO recommends toddlers continue to be given breastmilk, or supplemented with formula milk until he is two or older to meet his own calcium needs. Reason being, calcium is a vital nutrient that helps to build and strengthen bones and teeth.

Einmilk is also fortified with iron, a good supplement to a child’s daily diet needs.


Found in breast milk, zinc plays a substantial part in the growth and development of organs, boosting infants’ immune strength as well as reduce the risk of deficiencies. Aside that, it also aids your child to reach a healthy height and weight.

Further, formula milk also consists of taurine that helps babies to gain weight while strengthening the child’s liver health.

The aforementioned essential nutrients, alongside vitamins – including Vitamin A that helps to ward off infections – are all found in the milk products made by Einmilk. As a parent, you can be rest assured of the nutrients your child is getting from this made-in-Singapore formula milk.


Quality assurance 


Aside from being a proudly Singaporean brand, Einmilk also understands how expensive formula milk can be. In the face of rising inflation these day, the Singaporean company behind Einmilk – AE Solutions, believes in producing quality products at affordable prices.

In fact, Einmilk is manufactured by SMC Nutrition, which is one of the four infant-milk powder license holders in Singapore. For over 18 years, SMC has been manufacturing milk powder products for over 18 years.

Every tin is also quality-assured and meets the stringent manufacturing standards imposed by Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) for food safety.




It’s little wonder than this new formula milk brand is hit with parents here, such that the online store service was overwhelmed with orders after its launch.

Which parent won’t be interested to give this milk powder a try? After all, local brands are deemed to be reliable and trustworthy and surely, the attractive prices Einmilk offers are giving parents good reason.

Einmilk is now available in four formulations catering to infants all the way to children aged above one. Here are the prices for some of the formulations:

Stage 2 (children aged between 6-12 months) 

Price: $22 for 400g and $35 for 800g 

Stage 3 (toddlers and children aged one year and above) 

Price: $19 for 400g and $33 for 800g 


Price: $25 for 400g 

*to be consumed under doctor’s advice. 

Einmilk also includes Taurine, DHA & ARA, FOS and nucleotides, all of which are instrumental in the growth and health of your children.

Einmilk is available at all U Stars Supermarkets outlets nationwide, online via Shopify and its Facebook page. For more information, please visit Einmilk