Pokémon and Pokémon GO is what all the kids are talking about this summer. Not only children but much older and decent personalities are also overly obsessing over this game. There is no doubt that the game is quite addictive once you feel yourself being at ease with this weird travel between the virtual world and the real world. The multitude of new features added to the series along with the new cast of Pokémon is what all the kids can think about now. If you are a parent who doesn’t play this augmented reality mobile game, here are the 5 things every parent need to know about Pokémon GO.

Highly Addictive

They say the coming generation is the generation of the Pokémon, which is somewhat true according to the current statistics. However, it is vital for the parents to ensure that their child is not highly addicted to this game. Be aware of what the children are playing, since this game is immensely different from the rest of the other video games.

Pokemon Gym at the peak of Zion Observation Point


Since the game is not supposed to be played by sitting on one couch at home, the player is required to move around in order to catch the desired Pokémon. It should be known to parents that these virtual creatures are found according to their type. For example, if the child wants to catch a water Pokémon, he would find it near locations such as a water fountain or pond. So you see, these virtual creatures are shown to be like the living creatures.

Pokemon Everywhere!

Physical Risk

You have to know the location of your child at all times in order to prevent any accident because the game is linked to potential physical risk. This risk can be beyond bumps or bruises, which the players can get by getting completely indulged within the game. Therefore, it is advisable that you take measures to protect your child from such accidents.

Pokémon GO Fever in Japan

In-App Purchases

What every parent should know is that there is an option of in-app purchases, which can cost you to pay hundreds of dollars in order to purchase the best items. These incentives can cause you to pay a lot of money, which must be a mistake from the child’s end. Therefore, parents should check the application and make sure the application is set up without the payment options. Other than that, make sure that the Google account added to the game does not give the child, or the game, access to your credit card, so as to protect your bank balance.

Credit Cards

Protecting Personal Information

Besides these facts, there is a certain risk attached since the game has access to your personal information, which is provided on your Google account. If you have issues with this, then you can make a new Google account for separately and only for the use of this game, in order to protect your private information.

In conclusion, Pokémon GO is a spectacular game if you take precautionary measures to prevent any sort of mishap.