From baby’s first turn from his tummy, his first backwards push (attempt to crawl) and to his first step to walk. These milestones are so important to them as a growing baby and also equally important for the parents. As parents, we try our best to ensure the child gets our love and support (and 101% attention) throughout their growth.

When I had my first child, I was overwhelmed by the many baby gadgets, toys, needs and child-proof setup around the house! Everything seems important and a must-have at home, but that’s not possible to buy and have everything. One of the purchases I made and never regret was to get a decent and safe play yard for my daughter. This same play yard was then passed on to my second daughter and then to my brother, now it is more than 4 years old and still in awesome condition.

But with bigger family, we wanted to create a safe play area in the house for the little ones to play. So a bigger play yard was the answer! From a 4-panel play yard, we upgraded to a 6-panel play yard and the little ones love it!

If you are still not convinced that you should get one for your house too, here are 5 reasons why having a play yard is useful for the home and family.

Here are the 5 reasons why having a play yard is useful.

It keeps the mess under control

If you already have a little one at home, you must be frustrated at times when he littles his toys everywhere around the house. Children’s sense of space is strange and I could never figure them out. They just want to fill up all empty space around them with things and this can get very messy and tiring to keep clearing up toys around the house.

With a play yard, your child’s play zone is controlled and within those panels. You can even leave the toys as it is and then put him back in the next day to play. No more clearing and picking up toys!

You can pee in peace!

Remember that one fine day when you just had to go to the toilet and is alone at home with your walking toddler who refuses to sit still? With a play yard, you can ensure that the child is safe from knocking into tables and chairs while you take your relief.

Your child safe zone

No matter if you are a stay at home mum, or a working mum you will not be able to give every minute and second of attention to your child when you’re home. There’s milk bottles to wash, laundry to be folded, emails and calls to reply and the list goes on. The play yard is your child’s safe play zone, he can play in there on his own or with you, take his nap in there and you can even feed him in the play yard! When he gets more comfortable and used to his personal space, you will be able to have more time to do things around the house and be sure your child is safe in his play zone.

Encourages physical growth

With a well fitted mat and play yard, you know your child is safe in there. When the child is learning to toss and turn, you know he will always be in the play yard and not bump his head on the hard flooring at home.

When your child is learning to bring himself up on his feed, the steady play yard acts as a form of support for him to try to pull himself up. When he learn to cruise while holding on to something, the panels will also provide him the support he needs and allow him to go around the perimeter of the play yard. Lots of space for him to practice his steps and fall safely on protected soft mat.

As long as he learn that it is safe for him to explore, he will be more courageous and able to do more on his own.

It’s everlasting!

You know how baby outgrow their clothes, toys and stuff. If you buy a quality and good play yard, this can last you almost forever. From your first to your fourth child, or you can pass it on to relatives and friends. For those who are still as good as new, you can even try to sell it off at a lower price to fund for new needs for your child’s next stage.

Awesome right?

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Here’s a video review of the Nihon Ikuji Premium Musical Play Yard by Punggol Babies x The Loving Mum.