Family trips are fun and should be stress-free. One thing that many of my friends choose to ignore is to get proper coverage when traveling oversea, but this is one thing that I’ve long since cultivated everyone in my family to get whenever we travel. We do not leave Singapore without getting a travel insurance plan, even if it’s just for that 2D1N trip to Malaysia.

With so many companies offering different packages and promotions, it is sometime a chore to pick one travel insurance plan that fits what I need. Not until I discover GoBear! And it is no turning back from this unbiased bear once you start using it.

Comparing travel insurance plans available for family of 4 to Thailand


GoBear provides an overview of almost all travel insurance plans and makes comparison easy and fast. And the best part? This bear shows no favouritism, it is as honest as it can get. Don’t you love this bear already?

For the past one year, GoBear doesn’t just compare travel insurance, they have got car and health insurance, credit card comparison and even loan comparison which is coming soon.


GoBear – Unbiased financial comparison made easy