Author: Soon Koon

5 Things Every Parents Need To Know About Pokémon GO

Pokémon and Pokémon GO is what all the kids are talking about this summer. Not only children but much older and decent personalities are also overly obsessing over this game. There is no doubt that the game is quite addictive once you feel yourself being at ease with this weird travel between the virtual world and the real world. The multitude of new features added to the series along with the new cast of Pokémon is what all the kids can think about now. If you are a parent who doesn’t play this augmented reality mobile game, here are...

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6 Inspirations For Your Family Photoshoot

Taking photos, especially as a family, can be a tough and stressful experience. It can be hard to get all the little ones to sit still and smile. And, more often than not, these photos tend to have a common theme: Everyone in the same pose facing the camera and smiling. Photo shoots don’t have to be so ordinary – They can be fun and creative, too! Here are some ideas for an out-of-the-box family photo shoot that you’ll look back on and be proud. Change up the scenery Experiment with different backgrounds. Consider going outside and finding a...

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