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9 Ways Busy Parents Can Have a Healthier Diet

In the midst of parenting our children, we sometimes forget to take better care of ourselves. Eating well can offer us the energy and nutrition to get through our busy day, so we can focus on our tasks. There are simple ways for parents to have a healthier diet, which would do wonders for our overall health and wellness too. It’s time to take charge of our health, no matter how busy we are! #1: Eat your breakfast Skipping that first meal has been linked to obesity, diabetes and one will also be more likely to reach for quick-fix...

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These Families Are Eating Oats for the Same Reason!

Did you know that oats are superfoods that pack a punch? Don’t belittle these little flakes as they offer more than just fibre to keep our digestive systems happy, or help keep us fuller for longer. Research has shown that eating oats is linked to an average of 7% decrease in LDL cholesterol – yes, the bad ones. That’s good news as these heart-loving oats help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in our bodies. While oats may seem plain and boring, they are really versatile and make convenient meals too. Quaker understands families would rather spend quality time with their kids and...

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These Droolsome Quaker Oats Recipes on Instagram are Making Us Hungry!

Hands up if you’ve drooled over food pictures on Instagram! We scoured the world of Instagram to bring you creative ideas on how Quaker Oats can make our meals healthier, and delectable too! With a diverse range of products that are good for our heart, healthy meals need not require extra time or effort with Quaker Oats. We hope these food ideas can help you and your family enjoy delicious meals packed with nutrients for a healthy body and mind. So, enjoy away and happy eating! Start the day with a healthy breakfast Breakfast offers fuel to our bodies to start the...

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9 Ways to Develop Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

As parents, we hope our children obtain the right nutrition for their growing bodies and overall health and well-being. Instilling healthy eating habits in kids sets the foundation to eating well from the start. How can parents help children develop healthy eating habits? #1: Be a role model Leading by example makes a difference. Afterall, children are our best imitators. If we hope for our kids to embrace healthy eating habits, we would definitely have to first inculcate that within us. How often does the family reach out to Fast Food for meals? Is your snack cabinet filled with high sodium, calorie-laden snacks? Do you and the...

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12 Quick and Easy Ways to Have Your Oats and Eat Them

As we juggle multiple roles in our lives, it’s easy to reach out for unhealthy foods out of convenience thanks to the sheer lack of time. What if we could enjoy nutritious superfoods in our daily meals that are quick and easy to put together? Oats pack a punch and are tummy-friendly superfoods that support a healthy heart to keep us going. According to the Medical News Today, these wholesome grains are brimming with proteins, beta glucan and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, selenium to help enhance our immunity, stabilise blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels and our...

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