Taking photos, especially as a family, can be a tough and stressful experience. It can be hard to get all the little ones to sit still and smile. And, more often than not, these photos tend to have a common theme: Everyone in the same pose facing the camera and smiling. Photo shoots don’t have to be so ordinary – They can be fun and creative, too! Here are some ideas for an out-of-the-box family photo shoot that you’ll look back on and be proud.

Change up the scenery


Experiment with different backgrounds. Consider going outside and finding a peaceful scenery, such as a beautiful field or pond. It can be anywhere. By just changing the background your family is in already makes your photo differ from the rest.

Play around with angles


Changing where you place your camera can make a completely different photo. Photos that aren’t shot face-on offer an element of uniqueness and a new viewpoint and perspective. It’s a great way to change things up!

Shoot shadows and silhouettes


Add mystery and emotion by photographing silhouettes and shadows. This is a little bit tougher to capture, but it can make for a fun experience and a great photograph! You just need to find a source of light and place your family in front of it. Here are some tips on how to do this correctly.

Consider cropping


Cropping adds emphasis and give attention to your subject. A photo can go from being just okay to amazing by just the simple act of cropping some of the photos out. It can also add mystery and set the mood.

Photograph feet and/or hands



Babies grow fast and before you know it, they won’t be babies anymore. Capture their fragileness and innocence by taking a photograph zeroing in on their hands or feet. One way to do this is to have everyone pile their hands on top of each other or to photograph everyone sitting with their bare feet in front of them. It makes for intimate photos that you’ll look back on for the years to come.

Incorporate items into the photo


This is a simple way to make your photo stand out. You can use anything you want! It can be something personal that means something to the family, or it could be something that adds an element of fun to the photo, like cheap flowers.


Photos are a work of art. Make your photo shoots something that you have fun doing and it’ll show off in the final product!